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News Flash- Raw Material Tornado is coming

time:2021/4/17 21:21:35
The market is changing, and the latest information is grasped at one hand. E-News bring you the recent major news events
15-Jun-2020   The raw material price increase is first issued, and PCBs plants maintain the market stability and digest them internally;
31-Aug-2020  The second wave of price increases,  and small businesses overwhelmed and closed the market;
29-Sep-2020  The third wave of price increases, "low-price" competitors have issued price increases announcements;
09-Nov-2020  The fourth price increase, the supply of raw materials is shrinking;
18-Nov-2020  only half a year, PP increased by 32.5%! Epoxy resin increased by 38.5%!CCL rose 47.6%! Gold rose 63.8%! The price of upstream and downstream enterprises has been adjusted upward.
Non-ferrous metals, epoxy resins, and sheet materials are bombarded in turn.
The price increase is like a gust of wind, and it will leave after it blows. No one can do anything about this rhythm. They leave quietly and are on the edge of danger. The storm is already here.
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